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Linkrot and not being updated leads to less than useful documentation.

Linkrot is not just a problem in Wikipedia or any other site with links to other sites but in documenation that link can mean understanding how to use a piece of software or not. One thing I have noticed myself and reported a few bugs on is when upstream moves to a new hosting site sometimes there are links left to a dead project that isn't used anymore. If you want to fight this kind of link rot which lists the packages homepage I find synaptic package manager with the click to the project homepage and being able to scroll down even though it is old and have even done submitted a few simple patches to upstream so everyone gets the correct upstream link. Also more places will move with the coming googlecode shutdown but at least these seem to redirect to the new sites. I also find linkrot in wikis and often new features or really useful features don't get added. It does not take someone that long to make links work on a wiki but the hard part is testing the links. With moinmoin on ubuntu community wiki or ubuntu wiki one crucial thing I remember that frustrates me is remembering when pressing preview to open the link in a new tab as not to hit preview check the links works then lose my edit.

More help on documentation is needed

I also found a few other links that I pointed to thinks that should work now to stop the linkrot and new features and things get forgotten. I have one clear expirence of a youtube review of lubuntu did not have the shortcuts of super plus an arrow key to snap a window to that half of the screen documented until I took the initiative to fix it actually had a favorable review of lubuntu list not have this a problem in quidsup review of 14.04 on youtube. Someone corrected him in a comment and in his next review he corrected this statement. However as I saw this I knew about the feature but I looked back to the wiki page where keyboard shortcuts on lubuntu are documented as and noticied this shortcut was missing. I ended up asking the team lead for wiki and docs at the time and added it in as it makes sense. The lesson here is people may not know about features that help them get their work done and will help with adoption if you do not document them. Even people that like any flavor could end up not promoting as much because they don't know every feature which in turn could lead to a cycle of more contributors and users if they have a good expirence. As a more knowledgeable user I should go back and look at documenation as it is not that easy for new people and also keep in mind what is easy for you may not be easy for soemone else.